The AbbVie Crohn’s & Colitis Scholarship was created to honor exceptional students living with inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, as they pursue goals of higher education. In doing so, we hope to further empower students to pursue an independent life defined by bold decisions and unyielding determination.

The application period for the 2016-2017 academic year is now closed. Please stay tuned for information about the AbbVie Crohn’s & Colitis Scholarship for the 2017‑2018 academic year.

Congratulations to the 15 students awarded the AbbVie Crohn’s & Colitis Scholarship for the 2016‑2017 academic year!

Scholarship Recipients

Julian A.

“At the beginning of my junior year, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was at a crossroads; I faced the decision to live my life as defined and limited by this disease or take back control of my life. I chose to let my disease empower me, and I turned towards the opportunity to help others with IBD.”

Patricia A.

“Conversations with two strangers with IBD first made me recognize that I could use my diagnosis as a connector, rather than a definer. With each smile I share with a fellow IBD patient, I see that my greatest strength is my desire to share optimism through our network of advocates and friends. This infinite, collective strength gives voice to the tenacity within myself that allows me to minimize my daily struggles as I focus on our global fight for a cure.”

Jacqueline C.

“Now I was facing the biggest blockade of all, four exams and surgery. It was then I realized that life’s most challenging moments give me the opportunity to see how strong I can be. I now see Crohn’s disease differently. I’ve learned it is not a blockade, it is a hurdle I occasionally have to jump over. The more often you jump, the higher you go.”

Lakmal E.

“Some inspirational advice I would give others living with IBD would be to take every day as a new start and regardless of the struggles or hardships, try your best. In high school or college, you will face numerous academic obstacles, so I recommend that you embrace this challenge and look for this opportunity to better yourself and get over that hurdle. All of us were put on this earth for a reason and I believe having IBD is a gift because of our influence on those around us.”

Karleigh G.

“I had my whole life planned out in second grade so you can imagine my devastation when my Crohn’s disease diagnosis in fourth grade impacted the path I had set for myself. With my original plan out the window, I chose a new challenge. Living with Crohn’s has taught me to persevere when adversity strikes. It’s taught me to stand up tall and face challenges head on.”

John G.

“Through two half-marathons with Team Challenge, not only have I raised nearly $17,000 for an IBD cure, but I have seen myself grow as a human being. I have met many people affected by IBD who have shown me I shouldn’t shame myself for running slowly, but I should be proud for completing such a challenge with Crohn’s. I may not be the fastest runner on the cross country team or the lacrosse player with the most goals, but I come back every year and face the challenges ahead of me.”

Joshua G.

“As I grew older, I comprehended that I could either be a victim of a lifelong disease, or part of its solution. I realized that my Crohn’s was providing me with an opportunity to make a difference.”

Julia G.

“Inspired by my doctor’s scientific and humanistic brilliance, I pursued experiences to explore what constitutes a strong doctor-patient relationship. Through such experiences, I have developed an understanding that familial support, education, and empowerment play an important role in positive health outcomes.”

Chloe G.

“My leadership in the Crohn’s community has given me strength and perspective; I realize that life is only as good as one makes it. Fortunately, having Crohn’s changed my outlook on life for the better and has given me the rewarding experience of helping others.”

Nikki H.

“The experience of being a patient provided me with an unparalleled understanding of the power of medicine, as well as the impact physicians have on the everyday lives of their patients. This novel perception of what it meant to be a physician served as the primary source of my attraction to a career as one. My diagnosis with Crohn’s disease was a blessing in disguise, because it ultimately taught me how to turn adversity into opportunity.”

Jamie H.

“After years of dealing with life-altering symptoms, I welcome my diagnosis and now share my passion for nutrition, exercise, and healthy living not only to those with IBD, but also to the general population. On my blog, I share my journey and passion to empower my readers that they too can take control of their lives, feel well, and improve their health.”

Balram P.

“With Crohn’s, there’s a lot out of your control. There’s only one thing you can control - your attitude. Keep a positive attitude.”

Emily R.

“The mornings I’m too sick to get out of bed become perfect days to brainstorm new ideas for art projects. The hours of downtime due to my disease are my time to catch up on homework. When I drive from my university to my home for doctor appointments, I get to practice my off-key car singing and visit my family. Every situation has positive angles, and every obstacle is just a new challenge in need of a creative solution.”

Scott S.

“Perhaps the most surprising consequence of my diagnosis was that I learned that I am an extremely lucky person, not despite my disease, but because of it. Due to the struggles I have had to overcome, I have learned firsthand the power of remaining positive and now carry the belief that I will be able to conquer any adversity I face in the future.”

Christopher T.

“After much thinking about my disease and my outlook, I realized that my diagnosis was nothing to be ashamed of and would not hold me back.”

The application period for the 2016-2017 academic year is now closed. Please stay tuned for information about the AbbVie Crohn’s & Colitis Scholarship for the 2017‑2018 academic year.

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